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Case Management

This module is used to record details about an actual case and the supporting court information. A case is created when some type of determinate action has been taken. - I.e. a person has been apprehended, arrested and / or terminated and a Case File is being documented. All details of supporting investigation(s), incident(s) and person(s) are stored in the appropriate data tables and linked via the APISdataweb to the case record. A case may also have a restitution or civil demand record associated with it, giving you the ability to connect with your 3rd party Civil Recovery and Restitution companies.  APIS allows for the attachment of digital photos or digital video which will display as part of the record.


An investigation record documents an active or completed investigation. The main purpose of an investigation record is to identify and explain details of the investigation and to manage investigation progress and results. There are two types of investigation records maintained within APIS - Employee Investigations and General Investigations.

Incident Reporting

An incident record is used to explain details and specifics on an event. It can involve a person, in which case the Incident record is linked to an existing Personal Record.  Unlike a Case or Investigation, an Incident can be based on more than one individual. For example, if there were a protest with six persons apprehended, all six persons may be documented and directly linked to the single incident.

Personal Database
The Personal Database module is included with all installations and is a database of personal information. Each person in the database is a record and these records represent both Internal (employees within the company) and External (customers, shoplifters, refunders, etc.) persons. APIS can accept an import of your company's employee data files to automatically populate the APIS Personal data for your employees.

Report Designer

The Report Designer module is included with each installation and is extremely flexible, which allows for a high level of customization. Although APIS is designed with some very basic statistical reports, we provide an option for creating over a dozen customized reports to ensure that you are getting the data you want - the way you want it.

Administration / Tools

Talk about powerful! Here is where the good stuff happens. The administration module is included in all packages and allows you to configure the system the way you want it. You can set the field names and labels and customize drop-down boxes to create the data entry screens specific to your needs. Setting up the System Hierarchy is simple and allows easy manipulation of locations, regions, districts and divisions. User access can be set to specific area of responsibility, limiting access to specific location or region. User security levels are set up quickly and easily to facilitate adding new users and establishing authorizations within each module. System Administrators can access the configuration and add new users while Users are set to varying levels of access within each module. Viewer ID's can be set to allow view only access to details and data. There is quite a bit to do in this module including setting a standard for recovery amounts by state to coincide with state law, with company policy or both.

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Civil Recovery / Restitution

This module provides you the ability to perform your recovery in-house and manages and tracks information for restitution and civil recovery letters and payments. The APIS system automatically creates an account at the time a case is generated. Once approved, the account can be automated to produce demand letters that can be mailed to demand payment. This module acts as a mini accounting system to enter and track all payments and payment history.


This module helps you to effectively manage your internal employee award and incentive programs. Features include the ability to manage payments and budgets, as well as print award certificates.


This module streamlines the management of Missing Merchandise Discrepancy Reports between locations, warehouses and vendors. You can to track, monitor and resolve merchandise discrepancies including Known Stolen details, Suspected Theft; Discrepancies from the Distribution Center; Discrepancies for shipments between various departments from LP to Operations and from Inventory to Finance.

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