System Requirements

Return On Investment

APIS is a feature rich application

There are hundreds of special features and configurable system options within APIS - here are just a few:
  • Use specific reports
  • Announcements by location (meetings, reminders)
  • BOLO - Be On The Lookout Alerts
  • Scrolling Message Center
  • Serious Incident Messages for your area of responsibility

  • Displays relationships between all related records
  • Look up a person’s name in the system and with one click you see every case, every investigation, every incident, every restitution/recovery, etc. associated with that person
  • Facilitates research and investigation

  • Allows for the attachment of any digital / PC file(s) to any APIS record
  • Maintain all aspects of the case electronically

  • Provides workflow management
  • See an instant summary of all records pending for your approval, assigned to you for follow up and open / in progress for your area of responsibility and click through from the summary information on the dashboard, directly to the related records

  • Enhanced online help feature is a virtual system within a system!
  • Open the APIS Help system then navigate the controls to get on screen help and access to instruction on operation.

  • Allows Users to send and receive messages within the APIS user group
  • Optional external mail capabilities

  • A comprehensive “google-like” search process that allows for easy look-up by nearly any criteria: name, number, social
  • Detailed search also allows for other fields / search criteria· Custom or partial searches are also possible

  • From the dashboard you will see a snapshot of critical statistics for your area of responsibility
  • See week-to-date, month-to-date and year-to-date summaries of each module - Cases, Investigations, Incidents and more!

  • Enhanced link analysis identifies non-obvious relationships
  • Identifies potential fraud related patterns between seemingly unrelated records
  • Identifies related records by same name, same address, same social, same phone, same vehicle and more
  • Relationship link parameters are configurable by the client

  • On-screen help tips to describe data entry for each input field
  • Enhances consistency and increase ease of data entry

  • Ability to schedule specific assignments or tasks to self or others
  • Calendar feature with all the tasks listed
  • Reminder notices sent via email
  • Overdue tasks are highlighted and displayed as priority

Barcode Printing and Scanning
  • Scan in barcodes to capture merchandise information and retrieve merchandise description and pricing
  • Print barcodes on civil demand or restitution letters to facilitate payment management using the recovery system
  • Also used to create fax cover pages to allow evidence to be faxed and attached directly to a particular record (ex: fax a handwritten statement and have the scanned image attached automatically to the case or investigation record)

Geo-Spatial Information System
  • Display cases, investigations, incidents and other key information on a map view
  • Visually identify trends and patterns with plotted map points relating to incidents that have occurred
  • National, regional or local views
  • Drill down to street level detail
  • View in Map or Aerial (satellite) view or a hybrid of both views

Data Entry Wizard
  • Simplified data input
  • Effective and efficient method to search the database to prevent double data entry
  • Improved speed and integrity for data entry

Smart Fields and Dates
  • Smart fields are used as a trigger to keep additional fields hidden unless a particular option is chosen, requiring additional detail / fields to be displayed and completed
  • Fields that are not used often by most users remain hidden until the user calls them
  • An error message will be displayed in the status bar when a wrong date is entered both in invalid format or invalid based on the date
  • Date Pickers and Time Pickers are provided to simplify data entry and ensure consistency in data capture

Spell Checker, Thesaurus and Dictionary
  • Checks narrative entries for misspelled words
  • Saves time and enhances accuracy in reports
  • Custom dictionary settings
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