System Requirements

Return On Investment

What you can expect from APIS

Collect and organize your data in a more consistent manner increasing your ability to investigate and prevent negative events from occurring while increasing your opportunities to conduct successful court cases.  Reduce your shrink and claims dramatically.
Increase your visibility by utilizing our best in class reporting features.  The Report Designer feature is the most robust and flexible reporting tool in the industry and comes standard in every installation.
Discover a new level of investigative power by using the APISdataweb and APISsuperweb to find repeat offenders and links between people.
Fully customize your dashboards, reports and forms with your corporate terminology and directives in mind.
Attach numerous types of digital evidence to your records including video, audio, scanned documents, pictures and more.
Increase the productivity and communication levels of your team by using the built in workflow features of the system such as Tasks, Triggers, Alerts and email tie-ins.
Simplify your data collection by loading the system with your location hierarchy and employee data.

Automate your data exchange with your key 3rd party services by linking the APIS system to Civil Demand/Restitution, Exception Reporting, Negative Info Databases, CCTV Video, Hotline Services, insurance brokers and companies, and more
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